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The Blame Game

Many times we come across situations where people blame each other….         You spoilt everything.           You didn’t take enough care of me.         You are wrong Or It’s your mistake.          This is not how you should be handling the situation.          You didn’t give me back the way I gave you.          Etc… Well such conversations would obviously take place among people who are or were bound by some sort of love and expectations or otherwise who cares about the uncos. What I wonder is how can one person be consistently wrong and be held responsible unless he really wants to mess the situation OR is incapable of understanding his inaccuracy. In latter case he shouldn't be blamed, it’s not his fault, trust me. I have met a bunch of people who are really incapable of understanding many things, forget their own mistakes.  Not everyone is cursed with an exceptional EQ and who can we blame that for. The worst is you have to live with them; so better a