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Aaha it's Drizzling !!

So sweetheart rain came again And like always, it brought along, Some hopes, some fun, some memories, Of love, laughter and everything heart can contain! After an endless monotony I felt something new Indomitable spirit of “living in the moment” Still wishing it last a little longer than 'now'...  Discovering self and loving the findings... Crew isn't my cup, I am happy with the few! Like the soothing drizzle, New friendships trying to make their mark! Some budding with innocence, Some fading in new horizons! Finding peace by ‘it won't matter soon’ attitude And trying  not   to solve the puzzle!


Above all we all want to be loved, Nothing can console , nothing can pacify, Illogical reasonings of the world Shatter my dreams & make me cry!! I want to break free these walls, They suffocate me to hell, Freedom is what I breath, How can I let my breath fall !! I have a happy life but my faith is shaking, They say 'Time heals' but where is it taking? Immense soul searching and yet clueless! 'Why not' 'where else' 'then when'  ..all answerless............. Don't laugh,,, I am serious!!