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Scribbles - 2

Some days I can’t accept the facts,  It turns my nights sleepless! My stomach churns with despair, & brain helpless of remorse! Don’t know what he really wished for, Coz I prayed for his wishes to come true! Now he is happy& I m a deadpan! Tasting the medicine I made inadvertently, And I wonder will this kill me or Will life give one more chance to make amends! So many new lessons for life, First, there are no GODS here! And if you chose to be one, It’s your battle alone! Second, on similar lines, Eventually everyone think of themselves, Selflessness is an illusion, And so are the promises of a broken/happy heart! Some fool others, I chose to fool myself! May be this is a hill out of mole(for some), But I m on the side with no road sign, & I have to climb this hill to move to the other side! To find the road to peace & life!