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haphazard.. thoughts & I

In a post before I quoted that ‘ my encounter with love was the most beautiful one ’ …. ya exactly it was … like a beautiful dream … a dream that lasted lil too long that I couldn’t wake up … coz I didn’t want to … I wanted to leave things on time … and time broke it … it played an alarm … whose clock I don’t have …  it’s ringing & is maddening me coz I want to complete my dream.. the groundless forevers that I believed in … but those invisible bonds I kept so close, disappeared … probably they never were … I hope the alarm wakes me up soon..!! I am a dreamer and dreamers have tough time living the real life… blessed are those who see things as they are and not as they want them to be… Another analogy to the situation I felt while walking towards the sea this time… When you want to reach deep waters you can’t run towards it, you walk slowly making your way through the sand, going deep into it with every step you take further & then when you are drowned in  its l