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Everything seems changing, Or may be I m not adapting. Or may be the other way round, Going the way where better it sounds. Life is scheduling itself the same as expected, Alas! Its late I can’t help feeling regretted, Wish! I had anticipated the end better, Nothing would be lost n I could be a ‘go-getter’. Never mind, it isn’t yet late, Chalk in your hands and my destiny - slate. If even you are bemused or confused, You may take enough time, Your verdict can’t ever be refused, I love you and forever you are mine. I’ll try but you know the apple of my eye, Help me to decide, to you I cant lie……

On this special day…..

Feels so lame without you, I owe so much to you, From u I learned, ‘How to care’ And ‘How to express the feelings rare’ During rough times when I wanted to hide, You were always there standing by my side, Always wished to be your pampered kid, You were like a magic- pot without a lid, The more I laugh the more you are missed, Times with you were the most blissed, For your smiles, I always pray, Near far where ever you stay………..


All happy songs making sense to me, Celebrating the joys of flying free, Feeling good and light, Not bothered about wrong/right Life is indeed a roller-coaster ride, Enjoy all high and low tides, Truth may not be beautiful always, But sometimes it brings a rectifying phase.. I dream of bringing smiles, Which stay forever and not for a while… Special thanks to Shankha for listening to me and telling: “You are liked for your qualities but loved for your shortcomings” Gradually I found it beautiful. And also gratified to songs: 1.Walking Away – By Craig David 2. Aaj kal Zindagi – From Wake up Sid Which helped me overcome – Wo khat ke purze uda raha tha, Havao ka rukh dikha raha tha, Usi ka iman badal gaya hai, Kabhi jo mera khuda raha tha……

Words said/unsaid

Words are magical, They make wonders n do miracle, Though u never thought before, Will it give happiness galore, If you say, ‘I love you’, And receive ‘Same to you’ So if someone says ‘Tek care’, Let few moments spare, ‘Same to you’ sounds so bare.. Words bring near, Words create distance, Keep us waiting for hours/instance, Did u see my 'no' had a reluctance… It’s as simple as any other thing, Like the songs which your lips sing, Aren't they words which touch heart's string? Words hurt but words heal, Try their best to give their feel, Not always in their hands to hide/reveal.. Words laugh, Words cry, Scared of failure but always try, I said it all though I was shy… Words enjoy and words bore, Unlike applied and core, I am going out of track, Hope readers don’t sore.. Words true and Words fake, Better than love based on: ‘Give and Take’ If you can't keep anything at stake, How can you expect

Where are You……..

Million thoughts running in mind, Still words so hard to find.. Trying to define a perfect you, Couldn’t eschew so thought of a clue, Waiting for you, Make me thou….. Hold my hand, walk with me, Treat me as a child thee, Impossible to make my heart shun, It’s already on its way enjoying pun, Someone said: ‘Love is a name of care’ Understand, praise and not just stare, Be my best friend for life, Hug me when bad times rife, Try being my comfort zone, Hope u won’t leave me alone, Let your smile, fill the spaces, Through eyes don’t leave traces.. Motivated by: Love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay, Love isn’t Love till you give it away……