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Hey Swthrt!

As far as I remember myself, I always have had love for words (since 7 th standard) and in my initial stages of blogging ‘ Words said/unsaid ’ too was motivated by it... I believe words are magical… of course they are ... for doesn't it strike the chords of your heart when someone* summons you by… their ‘swthrt’ or ‘honey’ or ‘baby’or ‘bachcha’ or ‘beta’or ‘sweety pie’ or ‘shweetie’ or ‘shona/shonu’ or ‘dearie’ or ‘princess’and many more.. or the first ‘I Love You’ … indulging isn't it? When you mean it … they help you say it… but when you don’ they need to be chosen wisely… shouldn't they… at least I and the people whom I closely connect to feel so... we don’t even say ‘dear’ when we don’t really mean it ... but how many people indeed think before saying …well I am not finding faults with them … they are groomed differently… that’s it… After socializing enough since last 6 months, I think with the changing times, one needs to adapt to the new forms of greeting…

Scribbles - 3

Life has changed or may be I have .. Nothing really delights me.. Its just going on.. As ppl say .. 'Life doesn't wait for anyone'.. Heights are cold & lonely, I had heard & felt too! Depths are enjoyable, with other lone divers! And the land, it's the same, sooooo normal!  Desire to fly got over, At least for the time being... Till I find wings or get gifted, for hopes don't die, That's how dreamers live!