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Realizations – I

In the last few months I have felt these things very often(with some own & some others' experiences), so thought it would be a good idea to list them down for future reference; to later on either giggle at my unripe wisdom or take pride in premature enlightenment… All I mean is that the "But" part always existed but I Realized it lately! Here it goes! 1. You will have complains with everyone you meet..Including your parents, siblings, spouse, best friends… But .. Grumble won’t last forever …so Don’t hurt them.. They are all you have.. (Go and apologize :P) 2. If you really love someone and want to be with them you would do anything to be with them… But .. If you start finding excuses..  There is something wrong !! (Time to rethink :O)  3. We all are different and beautiful creations of God …It’s better to focus on the positive side of any person.... But while making a choice don’t be completely blindfolded by the virtues… (The vic

Chill Pill ..

Spread joy, Why coy? Share a joke, Gently poke;) Take it easy, Sometimes cheesy! Always do good, But in forgethood!! Welcome change, Beyond ‘range’!! Feel light, Even with pizza bite :D!! Fake some bills ;) It’s okay, CHILL!! Practice jog, Rain or fog! Read good stories, Then, Rejoice the satori..! Spare time to Cook, Delight beyond books! “Try to”.. Play fair, Love or chair! Eat fruits, Stick to your roots!! Make a melody, When feeling cloudy L ! Stay polite, Wrong or right! Work hard, Crossing yards! If they feel u r Bore It’s simply their sore… :P Waste ur Sundays, Have some Fundays! Keep on dreaming, Till no one is screaming... Dare to Dance, Let’s take a chance! Sleep enough, Hey Alarm, Rebuff!!! Enjoyed the rhyme…. It’s comments’ time :P J !!