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Life played a prank, Still wondering, Should I THANK?? To laugh at its mystery.. :-D Or forget it like history… Neither lonely nor lost,                                                                              As always.. To all the troubles I am the host, The merry side of such sad times, Enough time to write rhymes, Also … Sweethearts showing their trust… A phase would pass by just.. Happily J … Goodies trying their best, To give comfort and rest, Loved ones.. Praying day n night… For strength to overcome plight, Never thought the positivity it would reap Junk seems expensive.. Fruits look cheap..  The above opinions are gradually wilting … All the hard work seems to be in vain…. Confidence dancing on the brim & tilting, Scared by the vicious chain… Hope is a good thing and it consoles.. Worst may happen; this is just a swatch ;) The key is lost, for you to discover, Destiny is only on the latch, This is the real taste of life… Alas! You can’t always have natch!! Do wh


                                  Gorgeous rain has eventually come,                                                               Moments of relief from scorching sun…                                            Greenery feels blessed with no choice,                                                   Standing still, gets drenched and rejoices….                                                                                             Though it recurs every year,                                                Comes with His message,                                                               'Don’t worry I am there'…                                               When it’s drizzling,                                                          Seems, he is scribbling…                                              Got million things to refine,                                                          So may be, short of time…