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कुछ अधूरे से. . .

dशुरू भी न हुए और ख़त्म हो गए , कुछ अफ़साने कविताओं में लिखे मैंने , पन्नों पर ही रह गए ........ वो आये थे हमारा साथ निभाने , कोशिश अच्छी  की पर खुदगर्ज़ हो गए , खुद तो तन्हा हुए ही ,हमे और भी तन्हा कर गए ....   समझदार थे बहुत बस एक गलती कर गए , हमने कहा था दिल टूटा हुआ है , बोले  अभी ठीक किये देते हैं  , नीम हकीम उल्टा जोड़ गए ............ पहले गम बाँट लो तो, हल्का महसूस होता था .... पर वो तो कुछ ऐसा कर गए , कि हम ,             ना हसे , ना  रोये             ना जागे, ना सोये कहीं दिल  ही नहीं लगा , और कुछ अधूरे से हो गए ............................

You Know ??

 [ Warning : Readers please dont connect me to this... the To and from will themseleves understand ] You know, you hold a special place, Bonded with an invisible lace, You know, it was both ways, Independent care and no chase, Inclination, affection, care, laughter, Desire, dream and even disaster, You know, we are so alike, Many common likes and dislikes, Or may be…. You have become so much like me, And in all this time you turned me to thee, Both in dilemma, To share or hide? Whether to bridge the gaps wide? You know, you are a sweetie pie, Always caught when try to modify ;) What makes you more lovable is, ‘Honest acceptance’ over little lies…… You know, you sometimes give tears, But it gets compensated …. When you offer an ear, You know, the more memories we give and take, The more I become anxious to feel slake, You know, your readiness to do anything for friend,   Makes you trusty enough to hold hand... You know, with every little thing you do, Without saying a word you

Any Other Day at office

Late after rising sun, Begins the sequel of fun, A new day dawns, But full of yawns.. Dithering over clothes, Carried away by froth.. Oh…Gussying up may get drain, If u miss your train.. Rush: Either seat is claimed, Or Fate is blamed.. A Lesson Journey daily unfolds, Adapt to new mob n forget d old.. Sometimes fussy, others plain, Threading your way, reach ORG lane.. A warm Good-morning welcomes you, Heart prays: Hope points too are few.. Prayers are answered, but not always, U r deliberately caught up in a maze.. But that’s what makes it interesting, Colleagues going through the same setting, Managers are like buddies, They steer us through studies.. Seniors behave like frens, Their jokes have no ends.. Chocolates/Sweets/Icecream/Cookies   Are ways to share laughter… Rush.. , it may get empty, U can know the reason after ;). We work with many other teams, All planning their own schemes.. As now I am new , Unaware of what’s is an ‘EQ’, Got used to simpler ones like Diago