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How to flatter your friends? - I

From many days I was planning to add some useful content to my blog. Most of us since very young age have thought to do so or have been told by others - to learn just one word a day to improve our ‘vocab’. As most of you would agree, ‘this one word a day’ is not as simple as it seems.  At least, in my case I have been planning one word a day, a week or 10 words a month, even sometimes at least 100 words a year and have even implemented such plans sometimes though not regularly... So what I am going to do now is to share 10 words every month, in two parts of five each so that it’s easy to assimilate all of them. To make the learning easy and captivating the entire stuff would be copied from “Word Power Made Easy” by Norman Lewis. I am going to pick his sessions randomly and reproduce here: Here it goes, the first half: Our first session would be ‘ How to flatter your friends ’ ? Words are the symbols of emotions as well as ideas. You can show your feeling by the tone

Categorizing Confusions…

Just wanted to give my little brain some rest by squeezing out all the worries on paper—rather on ‘Word Doc’… starts here … Nowadays I am opining, it would have been probably good if I thought less…. Ordered disorders and qualms follow:  “Everyday type”… Over - what to wear, when, with what accessories, among which type of crowd … Over - how to start, what to write, what I m confused about… Also, over - what to write while sending some documents to the manager…and the stuff is          reframed  numerous times… Over - which friend to call, finally none and then this one lands in “stern” type.. Over - my access card so I hunt it in my bag almost daily on walk to workplace,  to finally           “discover”, probably it fell from the chair and escaped my mind.. Over - how to say ‘No’ to a flat mate when she will mistreat my belongings..  so mean of me … “Stern”… Over - what to talk to people I meet the first time, second or more… Over - how to

Delusion is dying...

Self created mess, Who will help? The souls I bruised Mourning for peace, Can’t live in pieces, Give me the whole.. I am sorry, I am mean… I am the worst, Don’t know why Abusing self is a relief, What I fear most is always in abundance, What I relish stays for instance... Night comes with a hope, Few hours of motionless thoughts, Day dawns with the ordeal, Of living the hours ahead .. Till its night again… No more tears, But immense pain, Not of being hurt, But for spoiling you, Forgive me if you can, I’ll pray till my eyes are open, And cherish hope till its night again.. Feel helpless, In utter chaos, Love is the nastiest delusion, Your absence, fatal seclusion.. I can feel the pain in your heart, The prickle of being ditched.. By someone, you gave the whole lot Forgot everything & shed the knot.. Help me God.. Help me get out of this muddle.. I’ll shun what may make me squirm, Hold me in this fuddle………..