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Slice of a lost story - 1

Once while on their usual commute in the local train, she asked, "I often wonder why almost everyone starts staring at me as soon as I enter the compartment. I know I ain’t that beautiful"! And he replied, "when a cute kid comes around, don’t you feel like gazing upon him , googli woosh his cheeks, even talk and play with him if allowed ? …........ you are like that kid"!

Approaching 30...

                                                I had heard that girls are delicate in their teens for they are undergoing physical changes and they need to be handled with care… I am sure I must have felt it too in my teens but then I was too na├»ve to name so many feelings.... Lately, I think post 25 (near 30 is so heart-breaking even to call) they are even more delicate … There are millions of reasons like if they haven’t found their mates forget soul mates. They also undergo hormonal changes and the fairy tales ending have stretched just too far and doesn’t seem coming true. The charm starts loosening up & is definitely less in comparison to fresh faces from college in their early twenties. The fear of not finding the fellow who could cross the benchmarks already set by their own achievements or care scores of past relationships. The loneliness when your friends are celebrating their anniversaries … or birthday of their kids… Well, I can keep counting such things

The Blame Game

Many times we come across situations where people blame each other….         You spoilt everything.           You didn’t take enough care of me.         You are wrong Or It’s your mistake.          This is not how you should be handling the situation.          You didn’t give me back the way I gave you.          Etc… Well such conversations would obviously take place among people who are or were bound by some sort of love and expectations or otherwise who cares about the uncos. What I wonder is how can one person be consistently wrong and be held responsible unless he really wants to mess the situation OR is incapable of understanding his inaccuracy. In latter case he shouldn't be blamed, it’s not his fault, trust me. I have met a bunch of people who are really incapable of understanding many things, forget their own mistakes.  Not everyone is cursed with an exceptional EQ and who can we blame that for. The worst is you have to live with them; so better a


Don’t know what’s inside, Getting too hard to hold, Eyes tried to control the tears, (But they found their way ) It appeared I caught cold ! :P Life seems so obscure, Hope it unwinds easy! May there be truth, Yet all the sores cure! Broken is good, stuck is bad, Enough of hope/faith convictions! No more unfinished stories, That couldn't be written or said!

Aaha it's Drizzling !!

So sweetheart rain came again And like always, it brought along, Some hopes, some fun, some memories, Of love, laughter and everything heart can contain! After an endless monotony I felt something new Indomitable spirit of “living in the moment” Still wishing it last a little longer than 'now'...  Discovering self and loving the findings... Crew isn't my cup, I am happy with the few! Like the soothing drizzle, New friendships trying to make their mark! Some budding with innocence, Some fading in new horizons! Finding peace by ‘it won't matter soon’ attitude And trying  not   to solve the puzzle!


Above all we all want to be loved, Nothing can console , nothing can pacify, Illogical reasonings of the world Shatter my dreams & make me cry!! I want to break free these walls, They suffocate me to hell, Freedom is what I breath, How can I let my breath fall !! I have a happy life but my faith is shaking, They say 'Time heals' but where is it taking? Immense soul searching and yet clueless! 'Why not' 'where else' 'then when'  ..all answerless............. Don't laugh,,, I am serious!!

Realizations - III

Last week my mind got so full, as few things turned upside down, little criticism slammed and misunderstandings snowed :(. And here I was with a new set of realizations: All the relationships have to be worked out. No matter how good things are in the beginning, over the time some discordance creeps in and has to be settled; that's how everything grows strong or every strong thing grows :) . Watch people you  surround  yourself with, sooner or later you get a part of them. Even if 'they have lots of knowledge/wisdom' or 'how much you trust them', don't get carried away.  Be what you are! Don’t be overly nice with people you want to keep forever for a ‘sense of belonging’ or ‘he/she might feel bad’ or ‘what would they think about me’.   Keep the secrets. Everyone has their own best friend to share it with :& ;). Criticism & Sarcasm are to make you feel more alive; you still exist, see!!! .  Understand what is to be taken care of but

Catch me when I am good !!

Once or more all of us come across situations in life when some friend of ours ends up disappointing us by judging us the way we find hard to accept. Because either we know or we think that ‘this is how I shall be perceived’ or ‘I am not who you are telling me I am’. I am attempting this post to share my experiences of how I think some situations should be handled and whosoever read this please let me know the other better or alternate ways. Whenever you judge a person next time, esp. if it’s a negative opinion try to tell them beforehand instead of waiting for them to make the same mistake again and then feeling victorious over your conclusions, ‘You are like that coz you did it again’. It might satisfy your self esteem for the moment but would not be healthy for the relationship. Of course you too are nice and are trying to save yourself and that’s why you didn't unleash your resentment the first time you started filling your cup! So what if instead of catching pe