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I am River.. I am life

I am life... I don’t have a conclusion, The sight you clasp is my beginning Didn't you notice this striking truth!! It is as beautiful as an illusion... I am life… I am unfathomable; I am quiet… Take a deep dip, And live that vigorous bite… I am life... Just where you saw I am born anew,, Every moment I am getting renewed, Come have a flavor of vivacity, I’ll rinse your blues…    I am life., I am you, Where I am shallow, I enjoy making noise… Just like you, I flaunt and rejoice                              I am life, With gifts and blows Beautifying myself Unstoppable I flow… I am life, I have an aim, In merging with the ocean, Accomplish my fruition….

एक पुराना दोस्त

एक  पुराने  दोस्त  से  सोच  समझकर  मिलने  गए .. और बातों बातों में युहीं कुछ बातें निकलीं ... कुछ  हल्की फुल्की  बातें  हुईं , अजनबियों  के  बीच  जैसे  होती  हैं . . मौसम   और  दीवारों  की … कुछ  पतझड़  कुछ  फुहारों  की , फिर  आदत  से  मजबूर , वही  पुराना  दस्तूर , उम्मीदों  से  कुछ  सच  भी  कह  डाला , और  फिर  पछताने  का  अपना  अंदाज़  तो  है  ही  निराला .. जो  सब  पता  था  , वो  फिर  से   कुछ  इस  तरह  महसूस  होने  लगा … सच  भी  अजीब  है , थोडा  वक़्त  गुजर  गया  तो  नया  सा  हो  चला ... फिर  लगा  जिनसे  उलझनों  के  रिश्ते  हैं   उनसे  समझ  की  क्यूँ  उम्मीद  कर  बैठे , जिनके  रास्ते  हमसे  अलग  थे , और  ज़िन्दगी  आसान , उन्हें  क्या  समझाएं  और  क्या  समझे .. जिन्होंने  हमसे  न  अपने  दुःख  बाटें  न  ख़ुशी , जो  हमें   हमेशा  दोस्ती  की  दुहाई  दे  देकर  ताने  कसते  रहे  , और  हम  खुद  को  साबित  करने  के  लिए  हर  छोटे  बड़े  किस्से  सुनाते  रहे … जब  एहसास  हुआ  कि  कुछ  रिश्ते  नाम  के  रह  गए  तब  खाली

Scribbling ...

Can you make a painting on a newspaper… ?? Yes may be .. May be beautiful too..!! How will you justify… the indelible base … And avoid the inquiries that chase…?? Guilt is the worst thing… Better be dying bereaved over remorse joys…!! Will the freedom of being alone accompany… ? And strengthen you against broken toys…?? Some situations are tough rather impossible… But so are the tsunami and terrorism… When that is your fate; you have the spirit… But how long will that be alive … to giggle at the sores & drag the sarcasm ??

My way .. !!

All roads blocked… Destination mocks… May not be straight.. But I’ll make my way… Darkness surrounds Fear grows abound, Mere spark of faith, But I’ll light my way…                            Leisure suffocates, Derides hard earned goals, Huff and puff, I’ll breathe my way.. Rejection shudders, Fidgety cripples, With modest assurance, I will revive my way… Hope is skeptical.. Hard to stand ... fiasco!! Before goal turns farcical… I’ll find my way… Pretending to revel, Consumed within… It’s not fictitious, So won’t end long… Mustering faith… I am living my way….
Life played a prank, Still wondering, Should I THANK?? To laugh at its mystery.. :-D Or forget it like history… Neither lonely nor lost,                                                                              As always.. To all the troubles I am the host, The merry side of such sad times, Enough time to write rhymes, Also … Sweethearts showing their trust… A phase would pass by just.. Happily J … Goodies trying their best, To give comfort and rest, Loved ones.. Praying day n night… For strength to overcome plight, Never thought the positivity it would reap Junk seems expensive.. Fruits look cheap..  The above opinions are gradually wilting … All the hard work seems to be in vain…. Confidence dancing on the brim & tilting, Scared by the vicious chain… Hope is a good thing and it consoles.. Worst may happen; this is just a swatch ;) The key is lost, for you to discover, Destiny is only on the latch, This is the real taste of life… Alas! You can’t always have natch!! Do wh


                                  Gorgeous rain has eventually come,                                                               Moments of relief from scorching sun…                                            Greenery feels blessed with no choice,                                                   Standing still, gets drenched and rejoices….                                                                                             Though it recurs every year,                                                Comes with His message,                                                               'Don’t worry I am there'…                                               When it’s drizzling,                                                          Seems, he is scribbling…                                              Got million things to refine,                                                          So may be, short of time…                                    


When u are in love, U have wings like dove, Two hearts fly, In togetherness sky, Even when together, Are lost in each other, The most beautiful feeling, Full of care and healing... Through eyes they touch, Feel the depth of “how much”… Someone is concerned day and night, And assure you ‘everything will be alright’, Be it gibberish or essential, Would listen to your tales, With the joy of being themselves, They flow in dream dales.., Bounded by adoration, Driven by contentment, No airy speculation, Enjoying tiffs over disagreement.. If he/she turned your soul mate, You are more than just fortunate, Eye to eye on every affair, Fewer squabbles more share… From strangers to good friends, Holding hand in hand… Gradually become the best gift of life J , Lot more than just husband wife JJ ...

दुःख :

कुछ दुःख ऐसे होते हैं , जिन्हें शब्द नहीं कह पाते, हाव-भाव कह देते हैं , ये दुःख गहरे होते हैं .... कभी भर जाते हैं, कभी खली कर जाते हैं, कभी कुछ पल की बात , कभी एक लम्बी रात .... सब का अपना अपना मिजाज़ , कभी कहानी कभी अलफ़ाज़ , ज्यादातर तोड़ देते हैं, या नए रिश्ते जोड़ देते हैं... हमारी पहचान कराते हैं, तुमसे और दोस्तों से मिलवाते हैं, सबको मौका देते हैं, यादे ताज़ा कर देते हैं, सब दुःख अपने हो जाते हैं, सब्र से दोस्ती करवाते हैं, दुःख में तो सभी रो देते हैं, हमारी तरक्की पे जो खुश हुए वो दोस्त होते हैं, ये जानते हुए भी , सबकी ख़ुशी में चेहरा खिल नहीं पाता, दुःख में जो रोया अक्सर वो ही हमदर्द बन जाता... तुम्हारा दुःख बाँट पायें, तो खुद को खुशनसीब समझें, तुम्हें  और कुछ तो हम क्या दें, बस दुआ है की दुःख कम दें ... कितना अच्छा हो अगर ये दुःख... मेहमान बनके आते  रहें, बस सीख दें और जाते रहें. ज़रूरत तो इनकी भी है मगर, दूर से ही डराते रहें.... तुम्हें और भगवान को तो , हम ऐसे भी याद करते हैं, अति हर चीज़

Some1 quoted right : "Feelings change .. Memories dont.."

Saw you after long… Million memories came along................., Remembered my first love,had come to an end, My first friend, my sweet heart, my best friend, Hard to believe a girl taught me lesson (Made me comfortable with the hardest truth of life), Bereavement can be overcome, don’t make it depression.. Now you are happy and I too am not sad, Only love isn’t sufficient.. Tried hard but couldn’t make you glad :( .. As I am seeing you after years; don’t know how to react? Again should I try to cross blocked tract ?.. Should I hug you and cry ? Will you wait till Goodbye ? It feels restless to accept the space, Somebody else occupied my place, Will you give me a little new corner? I promise , won’t nag; smile with whatever… No let it be, I have changed my mind, Your silence gave time to unwind, Don’t feel pity, don’t be kind, Several joys yet I can find... I have overcome my fears, Countless more treat me dear, I know you don’t want to come near, Still you want me to get into