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I bloom!

Moving away, From the friendships that judge! Getting over, The relation devoid of trust! Waking up, From a deep slumber of fanciful assumptions! Rising above,     The mere right-wrong attitude! Leaving behind, All the guilt & regrets to naivety & credulity! Hugging along, All who stood by! Laughing out, My misconception of ‘Forever’! Walking towards, ‘You’ and budding into a soulful being! I Bloom  J !

Realizations - II

The sequel is ready on 'threesome' demand ;) .. This time there are no 'Buts' .. but are the 'lessons learnt' from the repercussions of my overly imaginative and emotional behaviour! (Nuts me !!) 1.        People move on .... … no matter how much they say they love you. They should  J   , shouldn’t they? 2.        Music and Time are great healers*. Good music keeps the mind occupied and helps to pass the time, then time lessens the intensity of your hurts. 3.        Watch your feelings and don’t let them take decisions for you.                                                                            Feelings change but decisions last forever!  4.        Even ppl who claim to be your best of friend might not understand your intentions, they might have travelled in a different time space and currently only your origin might be connected not the end points!            ("Don't blabber in  embarrassment/excitement;  try to keep th

Pure 'Vent Out'

If you haven’t walked my road, You’ll not understand my journey! If you don’t understand my journey, You’ll not understand my being! If you don’t understand my being, You don’t have rights to question me! If you don’t have such rights, You can only accept me the way I am! If you can’t do that, Just eff off and don’t turn back !                                            On a light note, my feelings are similar to hers ;)