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Sometimes I don’t need big reasons to shed tears, just a little pinch and I am unstoppable. As far as I remember myself, it has always been that way, I could be hurt with a single word (not even a complete sentence). As a kid I was always told that I was morose and I believed it to be true until recently when I discovered ‘you are what you think you are’ and I replaced ‘being morose’ with ‘being sensitive’. I am not sure how many would get it, there are some people with whom we get really comfortable, to the extent that the child in us could dare to reveal itself! What if those people didn’t react to our childlike mannerism and instead termed it childish. It would be like thrashing that child mentally; which would eventually suppress his craving for being cosseted. Probably it was always suppressed, even when this person was actually a child and so he always felt being love deprived no matter how good several other things were.  So the probable solution is to train the mind to ap


Today evening, while waiting for my order at the cafĂ© in office, I realised that I hadn’t turned on the internet on my phone all day. I decided to continue with it and for a change tried to feel what it is to be in the moment completely. Here, to watch the simple process of peeling off and cutting fruits, to be thankful to be able to eat unaware of the pocket but just calories (though it is more difficult for me). ‘In the present’ or ‘in the now’ …a feeling I had been missing since years for either I have been a slave to my past or anxious about the future. A lot of life slips us when we are not where we are but when we are aware everything is a moment worth living for! This sense of awareness dawned onto me as I have health issues that I have been dragging for a year and that can’t be ignored any further. Since a week, I started chewing my food and what a delight it was or better than delight I could term it as wondrous! I missed almost half of my life without relishing each a


I hope the world (at least mine) is liberated from the mental blocks that I grew up with and those that my family still believes in, From, ‘The caste based rules’, Which slayed a lot of love! ‘The uselessness of being good,’ When it stops making people happy! ‘Chasing perfection to impress’, When the connoisseurs aren’t there! ‘The life time commitments’, That cannot withstand the test of time ! ‘The suffocation of diffidence’, That drains strength from the wings to fly! ‘The pointless conversations’, That lead/demand justifications! ‘The sensitivity that gets offended’, It restrains the exuberance of the child inside! The belief that, ‘Lost was better’, It stops the best from coming into life. ‘Being a girl’, perception, It is a boundary that doesn’t safeguard anymore! ‘The resistance to change’, Which didn’t let many a caterpillars know, they could fly! 'The concept of being limited', That doesn't