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Today ..

So what is my idea of a perfect day?   There are many and as I read somewhere, ‘You can have it all not all at once’... the gleeful moments of the day that made this one content are here  J   .. Well, little things can turn me on**  J  and these days, rains are enough to drive me crazy for nothing … To add to it, chatter with close buddies on not so worldly topics like ‘music’, ‘which books to buy next’, ‘photography’, ‘our demarcation of mediocre and excellent’ etc.. is such a delight..The M.Phil. going parallel is another satisfaction... Then the pleasure of riding 17 kms on almost potholes free roads amidst the soo romantic drizzles with Bryan Adams playing exclusively in your ears.. ‘little love’ , ‘have you ever really loved a women’ followed by Sheryl crows’ ‘soak up the sun’ .. as if everyone is pepping me up ;) ..OMG what more can I expect :D..   Okay now comes the philanthropic activity of the day ... the phone recharge for a lady whose husband is not letting