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Come what may ...

Incomplete I feel but could appease, Restless I walk but don’t stop, Cluttered are my thoughts but rhyme, Fake is my smile but will delight, Shattered is my soul but could pacify, Lost is my light but could guide, Hollow I laugh but spread glee, Choked is my breath but could revive, Watery are my eyes but sparkle, Shaken is my faith but could reconcile…… Belittled are my dreams but                   I’ll make yours come true!! Germinated by a lil thought : Whatever life throws at us, We create our own aura, don’t we :)! 

Tears are awesome companions...

Tears are awesome companions, With every flow washing memories lil by lil, Calming your smoldering grief, Hidden behind the unnecessary laughter! Tears quietly scream on your undesirable fate, Questioning HIS decisions with the profuse stream, Carrying your sins away, Liberating you from the invisible burden! Tears flowing incessantly, Making eyes work so hard, Tearing your pain apart, Paving way for your peaceful sleep! Tears are awesome companions!

Facebook story!

This is some personal stuff similar to any other post of mine except that this is too direct and I am not sure this should be posted, bt right now my 'all secrets sharer'  Ak might have slept and I could just relish the freedom of being a blogger! What really happened is, I updated my profile pic on FB yesterday and guess what ???        90 likes in 24 hours!! I had to reconsider my beliefs about myself; I look pretty at least after finely editing the picture ;)! Or people had become very active on social networking and I have become lil more popular over time!  Well the ‘first times of life’ are the most exciting and here it was the ‘first time’ close to 100 likes that made me overwhelmed. Though there are friends who get even 300+ but I decided not to bother myself with such comparisons and stay happy with my plate! That’s not the end of the story, as a matter of habit, on close analysis, here ‘likes’, I found around 12 were from ppl who were not in my frien