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Realizations - III

Last week my mind got so full, as few things turned upside down, little criticism slammed and misunderstandings snowed :(. And here I was with a new set of realizations: All the relationships have to be worked out. No matter how good things are in the beginning, over the time some discordance creeps in and has to be settled; that's how everything grows strong or every strong thing grows :) . Watch people you  surround  yourself with, sooner or later you get a part of them. Even if 'they have lots of knowledge/wisdom' or 'how much you trust them', don't get carried away.  Be what you are! Don’t be overly nice with people you want to keep forever for a ‘sense of belonging’ or ‘he/she might feel bad’ or ‘what would they think about me’.   Keep the secrets. Everyone has their own best friend to share it with :& ;). Criticism & Sarcasm are to make you feel more alive; you still exist, see!!! .  Understand what is to be taken care of but

Catch me when I am good !!

Once or more all of us come across situations in life when some friend of ours ends up disappointing us by judging us the way we find hard to accept. Because either we know or we think that ‘this is how I shall be perceived’ or ‘I am not who you are telling me I am’. I am attempting this post to share my experiences of how I think some situations should be handled and whosoever read this please let me know the other better or alternate ways. Whenever you judge a person next time, esp. if it’s a negative opinion try to tell them beforehand instead of waiting for them to make the same mistake again and then feeling victorious over your conclusions, ‘You are like that coz you did it again’. It might satisfy your self esteem for the moment but would not be healthy for the relationship. Of course you too are nice and are trying to save yourself and that’s why you didn't unleash your resentment the first time you started filling your cup! So what if instead of catching pe