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Today evening, while waiting for my order at the café in office, I realised that I hadn’t turned on the internet on my phone all day. I decided to continue with it and for a change tried to feel what it is to be in the moment completely. Here, to watch the simple process of peeling off and cutting fruits, to be thankful to be able to eat unaware of the pocket but just calories (though it is more difficult for me).
‘In the present’ or ‘in the now’ …a feeling I had been missing since years for either I have been a slave to my past or anxious about the future. A lot of life slips us when we are not where we are but when we are aware everything is a moment worth living for!

This sense of awareness dawned onto me as I have health issues that I have been dragging for a year and that can’t be ignored any further. Since a week, I started chewing my food and what a delight it was or better than delight I could term it as wondrous! I missed almost half of my life without relishing each and every bite that I was blessed with. It was indeed an amazing experience to be fully aware and trust me I didn’t need any TV series to pass the time while eating because it could be intruding.

Another incident that connected the same dots in my mind happened yesterday. I was on a brisk walk chatting with my friend and a car stopped by our side to enquire about some address. I told them to take 2 right turns at both the next circles and just after they had left I realised that I had told them only 2/3rd address and missed the last left turn which they would have had asked hopefully.  I felt bad as I could have stopped for 5 seconds and answered their question patiently which I missed amidst the ongoing discussion with my friend. I pondered over the fact, how every little effort (no matter how insignificant it might appear) if taken with utmost care/involvement could bring satisfaction/joy! Well, that’s the secret to life, “paying attention” isn’t it!!

P.S: Good habits take time to develop so I am back with my dinner + TV series recourse (giggles)!

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