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Coz you are around :)

I know you love me...
Taking care of me, Like you have always been… Though I am unable to find, I know u r somewhere around!
I know you’ll guide me, I embrace your lessons for life, ‘True friends/ love are expensive’, ‘Be happy with everything’! These milestones pave my way, Everything is disguised, like you, It’s fine as long as you surround, Be mysterious but be around !
I know you’ll bless me, I am among your fvr8 kidsJ! You accept me with my mistakes, Coz my love is never fake! Just a matter of time, My wishes and your plan  will soon chime! Though it’s difficult to unwind, I know you are smoothening the wounds, Somewhere around!
I know you’ll hold me, You’ll not let me break. For if I do, you too are let - down! I understand your faith on me, I have the same on you..! So I am not even trying to find, I know u r somewhere around!
I know you’ll light my way, And help me see through the dark! My fairy dreams will come true, With the magic of your spark! Because you are cheering these ideas.. My faith in you abounds.…