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It doesn't matter ...

For whom am I living?
For whom will I die?
My existence doesn’t matter,
How hard I may try!

Dozen acquaintances and a family,
Some understand some ignore,
How long to ask for console?
Most of them got bored!

Tears, the eternal buddies,
Will flow and accompany, till you are at ease!
They comforted when u opened your eyes,
Will stay till you surrender and cease!!

Aimless I breathe..                         
And count the hours that pass,                           
Wish I knew the breaths in account..
To know, how long will it last..!!

Hope is the worst thing,
It shouldn’t exist,
It keeps you prolong..
Which couldn’t  last long..!

Traversed so far but didn’t reach anywhere,
Still no clue ..
If it doesn’t even matter?
For whom  am I living ..?
For whom will I die…?


  1. Superliked the idea...
    "Wish I knew the breaths in account..
    To know, how long will it last..!!"

    Won't say anything else...

    1. It is tooooooo sad to say anything ... thanks for being there !!

    2. It is really very touching and beautifully written.Richa, u write
      too well :)

  2. excellent composition...I'm short of words and expressions to praise this composition...loved it...awesome one... :) :) :)

  3. Monotonous composition.. A collection of very apt and never seen before pictures.. "Aimless I breathe" depicts misery.. And the line "hope is the worst thing" shows that the writer has not given up yet coz she still bothers herself with it.. You have reached conclusions of what matters and what doesn't.. That's what makes it worth.. That's what you've traversed so far.. Realizations..


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