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Beautiful Delusion

AAgain the same feelings passed, Which were strictly trespassed, Heart, “how long will u be a kid”? Demanding everything unlimited!!
Fear of losing something, Which you don’t even possess, If it’s given unconditionally, Why it’s making you obsessed?
If everything was tangible, Life would be easy to handle, Wrath/Love like two different bangles, Stay together yet never entangled.
Similar things happening, Guilt of not forbearing, What to trust and what to deny, Can’t forgive and can’t even cry.
Nothing is said and done, Things growing in the name of fun.

Come out of illusions, Don’t jump to conclusions, At most admire your fate, If it’s yours it’s never too late. Okay, let it be…………… Don’t hasten to decision, Enjoy beauty in delusions.
Let God be your guide, He loves you when He hides, So He’s giving enough time, To make these lines rhyme.
Appearance may deceive, Dig deeper and perceive.
Don’t fool yourself with lies, No need to Compromise, If doing nothing seems wise, Remember: Life is better otherwise.
For eternity, O…


Another effort…… To touch salvation, Amidst self created troubles mocks botheration, Though used to thoughts still scared of action, Accept/Deny special feelings .. Let it grow in an ambience of recognition Beware: Appetite grows with identification, It’s your choice : Flourish itin consideration, Or nip it in prevarication, But attitude deserves appreciation, Especially when it acts as determination, My first piece from N-97, Seeking words for completion, Alas… its messy.. No not my creation, Okay no issues, My usual love for perfection, Now giggle at foolishness, The only jolly option, I swear I did nothing Out of mere deliberation Just when student heart began dozing off With Einstein’s theory of relaxation: “Don’t think about the future it comes soon enough” Professor Mind knocked …..Recommendation: “Be ready to face the Repercussion”


Give your heart wings when it wants to fly, Don’t suppress your feelings, Give it a try…. Don’t trouble yourself by the illusions, It’s only in mind, Don’t heap it high….
Just take the first step, Feel your fears melting, Challenges take us ahead, Won’t find solace in resting…
Initially, it may take much, But it’s a challenge till u touch, Doesn’t need a plan as such, Just the courage to break your hutch….
Remember: You matter most to you, Don’t pay heed: If it’s not congenial crew. So go beyond and create something new, Its real pleasure to see yourself amongst few.

This is for all my team-mates with whom I am currently working … The positive aura created by them made me write this… Especially on Friday 15th October my emotions just found out a way to be grateful …

Sometimes, full of love and life… Sometimes, we go with the stride, Sometimes, we don’t want to bother, Wrong and Right………. Sometimes, we are more close to ground, Yet full of pride… These ‘sometimes’ are precious, And hold us for long, Sometimes when we care from where we belong, Sometimes we realize … Our commonness makes us strong. It fills us with ecstasy.. Amidst happy and adorned throng… These ‘sometimes’ are rare, Exquisitely designed by GOD with care, On this festive occasion lets.. Spread hope and dare, To work with spirits high, Zeal never bare.

Mood Swing

Slept with hopes but awaken in despair, Words are shattered need a repair, Needs are less and wants spare,
This wasn’t my aim, I m losing my way, Where are you almighty? Don’t leave me astray,
Not jaded by laughter, But can’t play with fate, Who knows what’s after? It’s already too late…
Trying to hold silence, But not finding peace, It comes from within, Not with a please….
May be so I m denied, Coz I always receive, But what about the gifts, Which never came with ease…..?
I am not sad, Just a mood swing, It’s always summer after spring………

Goodbye Fren...

Eventually fears turned true,
Didn't want to lose you,
But have to let go,
Though I could never show.

Will you ever realise ?
How hard I tried to be your fren.
Perhaps it doesn't matter to you,
So it seems like an end.

Million things I wanted to share,
Inspite of distances tried to care,

These are the times of test,
I thought you are not like the rest,
But you left me in a maze,
Now I m hiding tears in the daze.

Wish you could see there exists a  magical band,
Didnt let you say, and almost always understand,
Wished you had an urge to know,
Why i curbed it and didnt let grow..

I told you since beginning,
But you were not listening,
It hurts when you don't say,
For all your mistakes: I have to pay....