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Thank You Note !

It’s been really long since I posted anything. Ya posted not wrote as I write almost always when I am flurried but writing something positive needs a deliberate frame of mind and I had decided to start this year with a positive note.

It snapped onto me why not thank a friend from whom I learned a lot of things, so what if mostly over squabbles ;). We parted our ways because we were never on the same page at the same time… I wanted to write so that every time I remember a wound I could heal it up with a good memoir.

The first realization I had was that when we trust someone we never feel bad at whatever they say... Even their jokes, their taunts (People who don't get the sarcasm call it), we take everything in a positive stride because we know they care… they’ll be there … I felt how trust is the beautiful bedrock of any relationship and strengthens it…
L1: When you trust there should be no space for doubt!

Second confrontation just took me aback !! Why ? Till long I almost always tried to understand people through their words. 
OMG, not everyone thinks ‘before speaking and after listening’ ! I unnecessarily troubled myself interpreting ‘what she meant’ and vain happiness that she would understand me after this discussion. How can I forget every person is different and so needs to be taken care of differently.
L2: When people are chivying you for something they might be trying to tell you that they are comfortable with you, don’t take it literally!

Third thing that I would want to mention is when a relation isn’t working out (even after multiple mending) instead of breaking the thread let it keep hanging with a knot. As the time passes the knot might dissolve and you can always slide back on the thread without ego interfering in between…
L3: When you are badly hurt and want to break off just remind yourself of the happy memories and STOP it with a smile… don’t frown!

Fourth and best experience that was absolutely new to me was:  even two people can go to a gathering, dance,  party and have fun…. you don’t always need a group… after all happiness lies within!!
L4: Believe!! You alone are capable enough to lighten up somebody’s day :)  !

Another reminder got added to this list while writing this post! I unraveled the mystery behind what holds me from reconciling and troubles me... I need to learn 'to forget' ,  'to forgive' is not enough..

L5:    In the picture :) 

Happy Reading!


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