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Hey Swthrt!

As far as I remember myself, I always have had love for words (since 7th standard) and in my initial stages of blogging ‘Words said/unsaid’ too was motivated by it... I believe words are magical… of course they are ... for doesn't it strike the chords of your heart when someone* summons you by… their ‘swthrt’ or ‘honey’ or ‘baby’or ‘bachcha’ or ‘beta’or ‘sweety pie’ or ‘shweetie’ or ‘shona/shonu’ or ‘dearie’ or ‘princess’and many more.. or the first ‘I Love You’ … indulging isn't it?

When you mean it … they help you say it… but when you don’ they need to be chosen wisely… shouldn't they… at least I and the people whom I closely connect to feel so... we don’t even say ‘dear’ when we don’t really mean it ... but how many people indeed think before saying …well I am not finding faults with them … they are groomed differently… that’s it…

After socializing enough since last 6 months, I think with the changing times, one needs to adapt to the new forms of greeting… I have felt it before as well, if you want to move with the need to learn the new ways, no matter if it appears superficial to you initially… if later on you don’t want to feel ‘lagging behind’ … or realize that … ‘what they meant was only this mere thing and not at the level u drowned yourself unnecessarily’ …
It’s not about ‘lagging behind’ but for understanding people of different tastes or upbringing, talking in their tongue helps…Also, the inceptive resistance to adapt to a change is only due to inertia & once you are on the other side of the fence you might enjoy it, with the flock :P!

*someone can be your mom/dad/bro/buddy anyone and not just that one special fella :)

P.S1: When I call you swthrt, you really are :) !
P.S2:  In a few days, I might feel completely stupid about writing such a post but for now what do you think, Honey? ;)

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