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Is it kleptomania ? Looks so .!

OMG  ..this is the limit… you know what happened … !
A flat mate of mine has been famous for pilfering things since the beginning and I was warned by girls before to take care of my belongings as I have this habit of ‘keep & forget’ and then later on bang my head for ‘where did I saw it last ’ :( …

When I had entered this house, I had lined up the things to where they belong... of course you would keep handwash & toothpaste near the basin or bodywash in the bathroom … and dishwash in the kitchen ... and the girls mocked... ‘She is new, let her learn where to keep what’ ... I thought they were insane until one fine day, couple of washing soaps just disappeared and I wondered I can’t be that forgetful...  and how foolishly I had been ignoring that all the ‘washes’ were depleting at a very rapid rate..  
Another day I caught her red handed filling her jar with the salt packet I had kept in the kitchen ... I was shocked not just for her act but ‘SALT’ … Oh God … it is the cheapest essential item I have ever known ..
Then on inquiring, I was introduced to the bitter truth that my roomy had a habit of thieving :( ... and I was so disheartened that she didn’t just had that most irritable hobby of asking for every lil thing but also of ‘stealing’ … O my poor fate .. and I being a Gandhian then still believed that  if I’ll be nice to her at least she won’t eye my stuff ..
Nothing worked and there are numerous stories of her indifferent & cold attitude of 'taking & not giving', till finally I changed my room …

Anyways, what motivated me to write this today was I couldn’t find the chopping board as I had not been cooking since months and somehow I couldn’t believe it could go missing .. just couldn’t believe , I mean it had a considerable size .. how can it be tiptoed ... and when I asked the lady … ‘yaar my chopping board is missing .. did you see it ?????? (all I really wanted to say was .. bitch.. u stole this too… pleaseeeeeee return……. I need it now) and as always she replied  obliviously .. “Chopping board”, as if ‘wo kya hota hai’  ‘waise mere paas mera hai’ and the limit .. she quickly went into her room & bought it ‘see , mera to ye hai’
And with my helpless good girl attitude, I replied ‘mera bhi exactly aisa hi tha - same size, color & even scratches ; I can’t accept it’s lost :( !!’ (with my mind screaming : “how can you be so impenitent!!!”  )

What else could one do in such situation … ?
If she hadn’t trespassed, why the hell she was defending herself…!!
Well, the essential question still prevails… why … is she sick??? 

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